Sampling cells for absorbance and transmittance

Ancal supplies various sampling cells in support of the analytical systems that are available here. We do not supply a full line of cells because such are readily available from a number of suppliers. However, for those who need specialized cells, this page may be of particular interest.

The liquid Waveguide Capillary Cells that are described below are some of those spe­cialized sampling cells that can markedly improve sample handling and instrument performance. Other specialized cells that are available include the FluoroVettes that are UV-transparent for fluorescence studies and the SpecVettes that are very short pathlength disposable curvettes which are described below.

Also, let’s not forget the sample cell holders because those are the accesso­ries which provide the interface between samples and illuminating light and the observing spectrometers.

The Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cells

The LWCC cells are long path cells for use with miniature fiber optic spectrometers. They provide either a one meter path length or a five meter path length in a compact enclosure. Samples can be inserted by either a flow or by means of a syringe, similar to the introduction of a sample into a liquid chromatograph.

The inner capillary has a diameter of 550 µm, resulting in an internal volume of 240 mL per meter. the enclosure is 25.4 cm by 27.9 (10 by 12 inches) and weighs 1.4 kg (2.9 lbs).

Detecton limits for trace quantities are improved dramatically in accord with Beers law. Typically, the 1 meter LWCC will have a detection limit of 100 times that of a sample in a usual 10 mm cell.

For those involved in trace quantity determinations where UV/VIS spectral information can provide answers, the LWCC cells may be of special interest. Also, for colorimetric analyses, use of an appropriate LWCC cell will provide users with a low cost yet highly effective means of analyses.

Quartz Cells

Four of the most popular versions of high-quality Spectrosil® quartz cells made by Starna are available. Each cell listed is suitable for use in the 170-2700 nm wavelength range. The rectanglular cells have a 10 mm path length and can be used with any Ocean Optics 10 mm cuvette holders. The cylin­drical cell has a 10 cm path length and can be used with the Ocean Insights 10 cm cuvette holder.

The available cells are:

  • CV-Q-10 is a 19 mm cell with a 3.5 mL volume. It has two polished windows.
  • CVS-Q-10 is a 10 is a 10 mm cell with a 1.4 mL volume. It has two polished windows.
  • CVF-Q-10 is like the CV-Q-10, but with internal masking and M6 fittings for flow.
  • CVFL-Q-10 is a 10 mm cell, 3.5 mL, with 4 polished windows for fluorescence.
  • CV-Q-100 is a cylindrical cell which has a path length of 100 mm (10 cm).

SpecVette™ Cuvettes

The SpecVette cuvettes are UV trans­parent, short pathlength, disposable cuvettes that are designed especially for use with the HR4000 and HR2000+ high-resolution spec­tro­meters. The SpecVette cuvettes are both economical and disposable, thereby eliminating cross-contamination and reducing analyte consumption.

SpecVette cuvettes are available in pathlengths of 250, 500 and 1000 microns and only require a few microliters of sample solution, eliminating the difficulties of measuring highly concentrated samples using tradi­tional, short-path cuvettes. A special univer­sal adapter makes SpecVettes useable with Ocean Insights’ CUV-ALL-UV cuvette holder. These cuvettes are UV transparent to 220 nm, and have an easy-to-fill pipette tip port; also optional valves and elecrodes are available.

Sample cell (cuvette) holders

Sample cell holders provide the inter­face between illuminating light and tghe cell and the cell and its input into a spectrometer.

For usual samples, the basic holder for a 10 mm pathlength cuvette is ap­propriate. This is the CUV-UV. It in­cludes the holder for the cuvette, two 74-UV lenses with SMA connectors, space for a filter, and a channel for a water bath.

The CUV-ALL-UV 4-way Cuvette Holder is also for 10 mm path length cells. It is equipped with fiber optic couplings at each of four quartz f/2 collimating lenses. When used with Ocean Insights’ spectrometers and light sources, CUV-ALL-UV Cuvette Holders allow measurements of absorbance, transmittance, fluorescence, scattering or any combination of these optical measurements.

The ACH-CUV-VAR Collimating Lens and Cuvette Holder is an even more versatile holder. It can receive large sample cells and includes and additional holder for 10 mm cells.

In addition to these holders, other holders are available. Contact Ancal with your requirments; we may be able to assist.


Longpass Flow Cells
LPC-10MM Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cell, 10 millimeter pathlength  $4,582.00
LPC-100MM Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cell, 100 millimeter pathlength 5,476.00
LPC-050CM Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cell, 50 centimeter pathlength 2,450.00
LPC-100CM Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cell, 100 centimeter pathlength 2,594.00
LPC-250CM Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cell, 250 centimeter pathlength 2,751.00
LPC-500CM Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cell, 500 centimeter pathlength 3,589.00
LPC-CLEANKIT 501609 Waveguide cleaning kit for LPC-series Flow Cells 89.00
LPC-REPAIRKIT LWCC Repair Kit for Liquid Connectors 112.00
Quartz Cuvette
CV-Q-10 Universal Quartz Cuvette, 1-cm path, 3.5 mL  $97.00
CVS-Q-10 29B-Q-10 Quartz Cuvette, self-masking, 1-cm path, 1.4 mL 296.00
CVF-Q-10 583.65.65Q-10-10/Z15 Quartz Flow Cell Cuvette, M6 connectors, 0.42 mL 502.00
CVFL-Q-10 Fluorescence Quartz Cuvette, 1-cm, 3.5 mL 262.00
CV-Q-100 Cylindrical Quartz Cell, 10-cm path, 28.2 mL 300.00
Plastic Cuvettes
CVD-UV1S Plastic Cuvettes,100-pk,1.5-3.0 mL, 220-900 nm 759150  $98.00
CVD-UV1S-SAM PN 759152 Plastic Cuvettes, 8-pk, 1.5-3.0 mL, 220-900 nm 12.00
Cuvette Covers
CVD-COVER-RB Round cuvette covers for CVD-UV1U, pack of 100, Blue/PN 7592  $64.00
CVD-COVER Square cuvette covers for CVD Cuv.,pk of 100 25.00
Cuvette Holders
SQ1-ALL Square One cuvette holder, 3 collimators, 1-cm path, 2 filter holders, integrated cover 200-2000 nm  $1,132.00
ACH-CUV-VAR Adjustable Collimating Lens Holder and Cuvette Holder 2,051.00
CUV-FL-DA Direct-attach Cuvette Holder, 1-cm path, 200-2000 nm 559.00
CUV-UV Cuvette Holder, 1-cm path, 200-2000 nm 559.00
CUV-UV-10 Cuvette Holder, 10-cm path, 200-2000 nm 769.00
CUV-VAR Cuvette Holder, variable 0-100 mm pathlength 1,842.00
FHSA-TTL Filter & Cuvette Holder, attenuator, shutter 3,804.00
Cuvette Holder Accessories
CUV-COVER Cover for 1-cm Cuvette Holder  $40.00
CUV-COVER-TALL CUV-UV Tall Cuvette Cover 47.00
74-MSP Mirrored Screw Plug for Cuvette Holders 141.00
CVD-DIFFUSE PTFE piece for LVFs used in fluorescence cuvette holders 141.00
ECOVIS-INSERT Spare chromium-plated, multifunction insert for ecoVis light source. 72.00
CVD-DIFFUSE PTFE piece for LVFs used in fluorescence cuvette holders 141.00
CUV-VAR-OPTION Flow cell adapter for CUV-VAR Cuvette Holder 555.00

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