The Red Tide Spectrometer

Red Tide/USB650 Features

  • Preconfigured spectrometer for 350 to 1000 nm range
  • 650 element detector for nominal 2.0 nm resolution
  • Highly cost effective optical tool for most general spectral measurements
  • Can be used for transmittance, absorbance, reflectance and irradiance measurements
  • USB interface for direct, efficient spectrometer-to-computer connection

The Red Tide Spectrometer, also known as the USB650, is the world's most amazing low cost spectrometer. It is both low cost and a truly utilitarian tool that is ideal for many general purpose spectral measurements.

The Red Tide Spectrometer has a pre- configured range of from 350 to 1000 nm and a resolution of ~2.0 nm. It can be used with most all Ocean Insights‘ accessories to provide many and varied measurements.

Red Tide Design

This utilitarian spectrometer is of an asymmetrical crossed Czerny-Turner optical design with a 42 mm input / 68 mm output focal length. The detector is a linear silicon CCD array with 650 enabled detecytor elements (pixels). The input slit is 25 µm wide with the optical signal being received via a fiber optic line, with a 905 SMA connector. The signal to noise ratio is 250 : 1. The A/D resolution of 12 bits provides a dynamic ran ge of 2X108 overall. Integration time is variable from 3 ms through 65 s.


There are two configurations for the Red Tide spectrometer. One is a standard spectrometer system which includes an attached tungsten light source and a cuvette sample holder. This latter system is a true spectrophotometer similar to the CHEMUSB4-VIS/NIR system. Both configurations interface to a computer, via USB 2.0 port. The spectrometer configuration (USB-650) can be used with various OceanOptics spectrometer accessories, light sources and sampling optics, so as to create application-specific systems for various transmission, absorbance, reflection and emission applications. The spectrophotometer configuration (USB-650-UV-VIS or USB-650-VIS) comes both in a UV/VIS and a VIS-NIR version.

The USB650-VIS/NIR is an excellent value as it is a true spectrophotometer that covers the full visible and some of the near infrared spectrum. On the other hand, purchase of the UV/VIS version is not recommended because of the expense for a limited ultraviolet range addition.

Note that the OceanOptics “OceanView” software is suggested for the operating software, OceanView is a modular, Java-based spectroscopy software platform that operates on Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems.

Irradiance measurements

Setup for the USB650 for irradiance measurements

*Either the CC-3 Cosine Corrector or the ISP integrating Sphere with the fiber cord may be used to acquire spectral irradiance in accord with user preference.


Typical setup for the USB650 for reflectance measurements

This setup is only one of many different setups for reflectance.


Typical setup for the USB650 for transmittance measurements

This setup is only one of several setups for transmittance measurements.


Setup for the USB650-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer


Education Packs
EDU-CHEMPACK Chemistry package; includes USB-650-VIS-NIR and OceanView  $1,561.00
EDU-CHEMPACK-UV Chemistry package; includes USB-650-UV-VIS and OceanView 2,787.00
EDU-PCPACK Combo Phys/Chem package; includes USB-650-VIS-NIR, P400-2-VIS/NIR fiber and OceanView 1,561.00
EDU-PHYSPACK Physics package; includes USB-650, P400-2-VIS/NIR fiber and OceanView 1,395.00
USB Series UV-NIR Spectrometers
USB-650 Red Tide Spectrometer, preconfigured, 350-1000 nm  $1,360.00
USB-650UV Red Tide Spectrometer, preconfigured, 200-850nm 1,672.00
Solarization Resistant Optical Fiber
QP300-1-SR 300 µm Premium Fiber, solarization-resistant, 1 m  $212.00
QP300-1-SR-BX 300 µm Premium Fiber, solarization-resistant, 1 m 212.00
Cuvette Holders
CUV-UV Cuvette Holder, 1-cm path, 200-2000 nm  $559.00
Light Sources
DH-2000-BAL Balanced Deuterium Tungsten Source, 210-2500nm, 1000 hrs (KB).  $3,826.00
DH-MINI High Power MINI Deuterium Tungsten Halogen Source w/shutter 200-2000nm 2,405.00
Reflection Probe Holder for SMA 905 connectors
RPH-2 Reflection Probe Holder for SMA 905 connectors  $147.00
Reflectance Standards
WS-1 Diffuse Reflectance Standard, PTFE  $347.00
Cosine Correctors
CC-3 Cosine Corrector with opaline glass diffusing material  $141.00
Integrating Spheres
ISP-30-6-I Integrating Sphere, 30 mm, for irradiance  $1,313.00
OceanView 2.0 Software
OCEANVIEW OceanView spectroscopy software with graphical user interface; 1 license (2 installations, accessible by download only from our secure server)  $243.00

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