The Ocean Insights’ SpectraKits provide answers plus hardware. Each kit is carefully de­signed to provide a plub-and-play solution for a specific measuring task by selecting and placing all the necessary equipment, accessories, software, documentation and training materials in one convenient case.

By following the instructions and video materials, the user will be rapidly ac­quainted with the system and software and will be able to start developing their own methods to analyze their samples.

The SpectraKit for Oxygen Sensors…

…contains the tools needed to measure O2 con­centration in liquids and gases. All the needed items are available in the Oxygen Sensor SpectraKit at a discounted user price.

The basic center of the kit OceanOptics’ modular fiber optic oxygen sensor, which combines phase fluo­ro­metry with a breakthrough in materials science to create an optical sensor that can be used for real-time, in situ monitoring. In addition there are standard components needed for oxygen measurements using 1/8" OD probe, the kit also includes a 5-pack evalua­tion kit of our Red­Eye Patch, which is designed for in­tegration into packaging for non-invasive measure­ments. Typical applications range from blood bag analysis to fermentation control.

The SpectraKit for Bioreflectance…

…combines UV-VIS spectroscopy with a portable light source and sampling optics to measure reflectance and reflected color of biological samples in the field or at the laboratory. And the measurements are made in real time.

The BioReflectance SpectraKit has all the tools needed to perform a variety of field reflectance appli­cations, including chlorophyll analysis in crops, UV re­flectance of birds and insects, and monitoring of color and reflectance of fruits and vegetables as a function or ripening.

The SpectraKit for RAMAN…

…provides the power of Raman technology for qualitative and quantitative analysis of solutions, powerders, gels and surface media. This complete Raman Spectroscopy SpectraKit is a modular system compmrised of a robust laser, high-sensitivity spectr­ometer and a rugged sampling probe. The included experimental examples and instructional materials are especially useful for specroscopists unfamiliar with Raman spectroscopy or for those wanting to “brush-up” on the latest techniques.

The SpectraKit for OTS*

…is ideal for both in-line and in-lab applications where transmittan ce accuracy (to +/– 1.0%) and precision (+/– 0.^%) are critical. This compact system uses an excitation source and a miniature spectrometer to deliver real-time transmittance measurements of ophthalmic lenses and other optical components.

The OTS SpectraKit value-added solution includes complete hardware and documentation with experi­mental examples to familiarize the user with the system and software. Samples and reference materials for the instructional experiments as well as a training video and our annual service package for the spectrometer are also included with the kit.

*Optical Transmittance Spectroscopy

For additional information of these SpectraKits, please contact by e-mail or phone +1 866-364-3141 and request a data sheet on the kits of interest.

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