The ST-VIS Microspectrometer

Ocean ST is a powerful Visible microspectrometer (~350-810 nm) that provides rapid spectral acquisition and high signal to noise ratio performance in an ultra-compact footprint. Despite its small size and light weight, Ocean ST delivers full spectral analysis at a performance level comparable to larger and more expensive spectrometers. The ST microspectrometer is ideal for both everyday lab use and integration into other devices and setups where space is limited. Visible applications range from emissive color of LEDs to remote sensing for precision agriculture.

Software Developers Kit Adds Value

Each Ocean ST microspectrometer comes with OceanDirect, a powerful, cross-platform Software Developers Kit (SDK) with an Application Programming Interface (API). With its library of functions, OceanDirect makes it possible for users to optimize spectrometer performance and access critical data for analysis. Use OceanDirect to write custom software solutions for your Ocean ST microspectrometers.


ST-VIS-10 ST VIS 10 Micron Slit 1,650.00
ST-VIS-25 ST VIS 25 Micron Slit 1,650.00
ST-VIS-50 ST VIS 50 Micron Slit 1,650.00
ST-VIS-100 ST VIS 100 Micron Slit 1,650.00
ST-VIS-200 ST VIS 200 Micron Slit 1,650.00
ST-NIR-10 ST NIR 10 Micron Slit 1,725.00
ST-NIR-25 ST NIR 25 Micron Slit 1,725.00
ST-NIR-50 ST NIR 50 Micron Slit 1,725.00
ST-NIR-100 ST NIR 100 Micron Slit 1,725.00
ST-NIR-200 ST NIR 200 Micron Slit 1,725.00
ST-UV-10 ST UV 10 Micron Slit 1,725.00
ST-UV-25 ST UV 25 Micron Slit 1,725.00
ST-UV-50 ST UV 50 Micron Slit 1,725.00
ST-UV-100 ST UV 100 Micron Slit 1,725.00
ST-UV-200 ST UV 200 Micron Slit 1,725.00
WAVECAL-ST ST series spectrometer wavelength recalibration package 305.00
REPAIR-ST Repair for ST family of spectrometers 450.00
PL-KIT-ST Emission spectroscopy kit using ST-UV 2,287.00
LQ-KIT-ST-SAM Cuvette-based spectroscopy kit using ST-VIS and EcoVis 2,665.00
SL-KIT-ST-BLK Reflection-probe-based spectroscopy kit using ST-NIR and EcoVis 3,895.00
LQ-KIT-ST-BLK Dip-probe-based spectroscopy kit using ST-VIS and EcoVis 3,949.00
CLR-KIT-ST Color analysis kit using ST-VIS and ISP-REF 5,467.00
SL-KIT-ST-SAM Integrating-sphere-based spectroscopy kit using ST-NIR 5,541.00
BIO-KIT-ST Protein analysis kit using ST-UV, DH-2000-S-DUV-TTL, and dip-probe 7,058.00

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